Thursday, July 23, 2009


We took a family roadtrip to Wisconsin to attend my cousin’s wedding and introduce Sophie to my mom’s side of the family! We decided to drive since Sophie was officially over 2 and we would have had to buy her a ticket for the plane. The mistake we made was choosing a route through Chicago. Now, in our defense, we decided to take the route with more major cities so if we had car trouble or anything we would have more options. This seemed like a good decision…until we hit construction outside Gary, IN which delayed us just enough to hit Chicago at RUSH HOUR. Thankfully I was driving, or my sweet southern husband might STILL be stuck somewhere outside Chicago waiting for someone to let him in. However, by the time we got out of Chicago my nerves were SHOT. We continued to hit traffic jams even 30 miles outside Chicago. WHAT??? Are you kidding me? When we left Indianapolis, our navigation said we had 4.5 hours left…7.5 hours later we finally arrived. But despite the 14 hour drive we had a blast! Sophie was an absolute ANGEL in the car. I was the problem. Adam has an application on his phone that keeps up with traffic. It was totally green until about 1 minute before we hit Chicago. Then it was totally RED. I must have asked him 5,000 times how much red was left. It was awful! On the way home we spent the night in Chicago and got to eat at Gino’s East!!! It was worth it, and it was so great to be with my family! But the best part was watching the girls play together…they are so close!
 CIMG0394 GirlsWaitingII.jpg
CIMG0410 CIMG0413
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PeggSistersIII.jpg Huskins.jpg

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