Monday, April 28, 2008

On top of Old Smoky

Here is Sophie on her first shoulder ride…she loved all 1.5 seconds of it.



Sophie has inherited her Father’s sense of direction. She was sitting facing the opposite direction on the blanket and managed to flip onto her belly, turn around, and crawl backwards to the final position. At least it’s movement! I was with her, but Adam took the pictures from upstairs to better illustrate her moves.


New Talents

Sophie is beginning to master the sippy cup AND the mesh feeder. She tried cantaloupe for the first time in the mesh feeder and LOVED it. Next stop…steak and potatoes, maybe after a few more teeth (we have 2 in, 2 almost in, and 2 breaking through…that’s more teeth than in most households in TN).
 Photo_042808_002 Photo_042808_006

Shopping Trip

So much to post and so little time. First of all, check out Sophie’s recent purchases…new shoes (they have some room to grow…she continues to have freakishly small feet!) and an adorable bathing suit. She actually got 3 new pairs of shoes, ridiculous I know, but shoes are so much cuter in baby sizes. We did get them a size bigger than she is wearing so they should last her quite some time. I’ll post pictures of the other two pairs later!

Saturday, April 19, 2008


Sophie is getting ready to transition to table food. We have tried a couple of things like a pea that had to be extracted, refried beans that received a big NO, and well…ice cream…she LOVES it. I think it feels good on her teeth. We don’t give her very much…but wow does she love it. She in the picture with the cone she actually reached for Adam’s hand and pulled it towards her. Oh, and no, we don’t let her have the chocolate…man I hope DCS never looks at this blog. I’m definitely not going to win mother of the year!


Pink Chair

Sophie tried out a new chair at Phillips Toy Mart. How cute is she?

Sophie got to meet her first horse, named Buddy. She wasn’t exactly a huge fan.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Top Ten

Here are the top ten things I love about Sophie…if I have to narrow it down to ten.
1. When you go to get her up in the mornings she pretends she doesn’t see you at first and then jerks her thumb out of her mouth, turns her head, and gives you a huge grin.
2. Whenever she is on her changing table and you take off her diaper or even just her pants she starts bouncing her legs up and down and even lifts her butt off the table because she gets so excited.
3. Lately when Zoe comes near her she starts laughing and reaching for her.
4. Whenever you read to her she reaches for the books constantly!
5. When you put her in her highchair she starts making a fist with her hands and moving her legs because she is so excited.
6. When you put her in her carseat she laughs as you go down the road…we have yet to figure out what she is laughing at.
7. When she is in her exersaucer she plays with it like it is her job. If you walk towards her she looks up at you as if you have interrupted a meeting in her office.
8. Those eyes
9. Now that she has teeth she moves her jaws like an old man not wearing his dentures. It’s hilarious.
10. When we put her to bed at night we hand her her baby and she always starts laughing.
11. Her laugh is unlike any baby laugh I have ever heard, it almost sounds like a cough. It’s adorable
12. She is JUST like her daddy…
Okay, I couldn’t stop at 10…and could easily keep going…but here is a picture instead.

Activity Mat: 1 Sophie: 0

Sophie was sitting on the floor with her activity mat holding on to the toys. She fell over on her side, but forgot to let go of the mat and it fell over with her. No tears…she thought it was pretty funny. I got up and ran across the room, Adam thought I was running for Sophie…but alas I was running for the camera. It was really funny!

Saturday, April 12, 2008


Sophie loves her babies. When I put her in bed and I always give her “her baby”. She cracks up every time and holds on to her. She LOVES her toys.

Mini skirts and bows

How cute is she?

Saturday, April 5, 2008


I can’t believe I forgot to post this picture. Okay picture first then explanation…notice the bike in the background

Now, this may not look like much, but let me explain. For those of you who don’t know, my husband has an obsession with beverages. I don’t mean the alcoholic kind, I just simply mean fluids. He MUST have something to drink at all times and frequently orders more than one drink at a restaurant (coffee AND OJ, Sweet tea AND a martini, etc). When we take a road trip we usually have to overflow into the cup holders in the back seat because Adam has multiple drinks occupying the front seat. Whenever we leave the house we will get 2 miles down the road and he has to stop somewhere to get something to drink (this has gotten much better since the fridge in the garage is ALWAYS stocked with his favorite drinks and I repeatedly complained there was no need to spend more money on fluids). Anyway as we are walking around Charleston this guy rides by on his bike with a cooler on the back and a bumper sticker on the cooler that says “AquaMan”. I almost lost it I was laughing so hard. We finally hunted him down when we were exploring and I made Adam take his picture in front of AquaMan…a man truly after Adam’s heart! 

Boone Hall Plantation

I just had to add this. We went to Boone Hall Plantation and took a tour. This is still a functioning plantation and is one of the most photographed plantations in the US. As we are touring the guide tells us that the house was built in 1936. Then she adds that all the furnishings in the house belong to the current owners and are from the 1950s. Yes 1936 and 1950. I’m pretty sure the dining room set in my house is older than that. I am almost POSITIVE the guest bedroom suite is older than that. So..the bad news is, I’m now charging $18 per person to tour MY house. The good news is…the money will go towards toys for Sophie and Zoe. We asked someone to take our picture and this is how it turned out…so we had to improvise and crop ourselves in a la George Costanza. The driveway coming in is lined by oaks and is absolutely gorgeous, but probably worth a $5 look.

Friday, April 4, 2008

Charleston, SC

Well, Adam has survived 5 years of being married to me! We celebrated by taking a trip to Charleston, SC. Sophie spent her first weekend away from us and stayed with Adam’s parents in Kingsport. Zoe spent the weekend with her Aunt Wendy and the gang. Adam and I enjoyed our weekend away! I did much better than I thought I would, but I was ready to get back to Sophie!