Thursday, April 17, 2008

Top Ten

Here are the top ten things I love about Sophie…if I have to narrow it down to ten.
1. When you go to get her up in the mornings she pretends she doesn’t see you at first and then jerks her thumb out of her mouth, turns her head, and gives you a huge grin.
2. Whenever she is on her changing table and you take off her diaper or even just her pants she starts bouncing her legs up and down and even lifts her butt off the table because she gets so excited.
3. Lately when Zoe comes near her she starts laughing and reaching for her.
4. Whenever you read to her she reaches for the books constantly!
5. When you put her in her highchair she starts making a fist with her hands and moving her legs because she is so excited.
6. When you put her in her carseat she laughs as you go down the road…we have yet to figure out what she is laughing at.
7. When she is in her exersaucer she plays with it like it is her job. If you walk towards her she looks up at you as if you have interrupted a meeting in her office.
8. Those eyes
9. Now that she has teeth she moves her jaws like an old man not wearing his dentures. It’s hilarious.
10. When we put her to bed at night we hand her her baby and she always starts laughing.
11. Her laugh is unlike any baby laugh I have ever heard, it almost sounds like a cough. It’s adorable
12. She is JUST like her daddy…
Okay, I couldn’t stop at 10…and could easily keep going…but here is a picture instead.

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