Wednesday, May 27, 2009

I could not love this child more...

I could not love this child more if she was mine. Josie is hilarious. I love her. I love the things she says, I love the things she does. She is insane. Here are a couple of my favoriate Josieisms...

Wendy: Josie, I need you to help me pick out a dress because you have such great taste.
Josie: Okay mommy
a couple of minutes later Josie is holding a dress up to her mouth...
Josie: Mommy, I want to taste this one.

Wendy was keeping Zoe for us when we were out of town...Josie loves Zoe.
Josie: Mommy, I want Zoe to live with us forever...
Wendy: Well, Josie, I don't know if she can stay forever, but she'll be here a couple of days.
Josie: Mommy, I said FOREVER.

I also love that my sister will have to raise her through her teeenage years!
I believe she is pushing her stroller with her Retro Rocket

A tea party with friends

A beautiful picture of Josie and Wendy!

Monday, May 25, 2009

It's belly time!!

Sophie and Josie went to a spring football scrimmage at Ravenwood High School and had a blast. I’m not sure they understood that there was a football game going on, and clearly they had no idea who won. But honestly, we spent so much time watching them we couldn’t tell you either! They had a fun filled night with big belly contests, races, sippy cup stealing, and of course HUGS.

Sophie’s latest trick is to show you her belly. She loves to lift up her shirt and show it off. On this particular day, she decided to lift up Josie’s shirt to show all hers off too. The funniest part is that Josie has an adorable little “outie” belly button which Sophie was just fascinated with. She kept lifting up Josie’s shirt to try and push it back in. Hilarious.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

The Zoo

We got to make our first zoo trip of the year with the Hamiltons. Sophie loved it, as long as we didn’t confine her to her stroller! Sophie LOVED the giraffes the best, but she also got to give a goat a kiss (literally).

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

The best part...

I think trying to take a family picture is always a challenge. I remember many sequences of pictures from when I was a child with a random space next to my mom and my dad either missing or entering the picture from one side or another. I think they are HILARIOUS. I actually prefer these pictures to the perfect family photo (if it existed). If a regular photo is worth a 1000 words…these might be worth more!
DSC00282 DSC00283

Easter in Vonore

Here is how the Easter Egg Hunt went in Vonore…
DSC00277  DSC00281

Easter in Kingsport


HELLO? How did I miss Easter?

I totally missed posting Sophie’s Easter pictures…probably because I was working for both the Easter Egg Hunt AND Easter. Loser mommy. Sophie and Josie attempted their first Easter Egg Hunt. Emphasis on the attempted and singular egg. Totally unclear on the concept. Wendy and Adam put an egg in front of each girl…Sophie got very excited at first, she never imagined it would be so easy. However, that’s about the extent of it. Neither girl was interested in looking for any more. I pray they remain so easily satisfied! We attempted to reenact at my parent’s house, but Sophie just ran up and down the driveway and Josie wasn’t very happy. If you noticed that my daughter is in a dress and sandals while everyone else is wearing a jacket…remember that I was at work…I take NO responsibility.


Monday, May 4, 2009

Spring Day 2009

Sophie, Josie, and I got to meet up with Wendy at Brentwood High School for Spring Day 2009. Music, picnic, and lots of toddler chasing ensued! It was so much fun. Sophie danced…and danced…and ran…and danced!
 DSCN3071 DSCN3066DSCN3070


Sophie and Josie attended their first prom this year! They got to try out the dance floor before any of the kids arrived! Sophie went stag and Josie took her daddy as her date. Maybe we’ll just continue those traditions when they have a “real” prom! The pictures are not the greatest…but trying to pin down a toddler is difficult!
DSCN3058 Photo_041809_001Photo_041809_012Photo_041809_011