Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Yet another cute outfit

Check out all the hair coming in (on Sophie I mean)…ooooo…those are fighting words!

More exersaucer


Cuffed and Stuffed

Sophie has these toys hanging from the handle of her carseat and she loves to put her hands through them. She had both hands stuffed through the rings, it looked like baby handcuffs.



Too bad we don’t have any snow. Zoe was offering Sophie her squirrel, not much interest. Sophie has far less interest in Zoe’s toys than Zoe does in Sophie’s toys. Whenever I am reading to Sophie in her room, Zoe jumps on the chair and into the crib to “get friendly” with Sophie’s stuffed animals. It is just wrong…I’m consulting a pet psychologist later.



Monday, January 21, 2008

Loving some carrots...


Carrots, check. Sweet potatoes, check. Next up…pears!

Sunday, January 20, 2008

It ain't easy being green...

Does anyone remember that song, as sung by the artist formally known as Kermit? It reminds me of roller skating in the basement with my sister…oh the memories. But man I LOVED those muppet songs. There are little ruffles on the side of these pants that just make me laugh. They remind me of chaps (yeah, I don’t know why)…so all day Sophie bugged Adam to buy her a mini horse, if you hold her just right she can pretend to ride. Some of you are laughing out loud, and others have NO idea what I am talking about. This would be a reference to Rob and Big. Yes, I watch it…and I love it!

Ready to work out!

Sophie heard we joined a gym…so she is ready to go…please excuse the slobber. She sort of looks like a baby rapper!


Friday, January 18, 2008

Trying really hard..

to sit up all by herself!


Anyone know how to groom me?

Poor Zoe…she is so neglected! Of course you will notice she is sitting on the bathroom vanity after her bath and blow-dry. But still…it’s all relative! 

Thursday, January 17, 2008


Okay, you totally can’t tell from these pictures, but we actually had snow on the ground last night that you could see! It was gone by morning, but we took these pictures to remember Sophie’s first snow! I don’t think she cared much either way…but I was so excited! I was hoping to build a snowman, but I would have had to gather all the snow in the Nashville area just to make a head! Gotta love the South.

Self Inflicted Wounds

At dinner tonight I noticed that Sophie had little red marks on her fingers, almost like little cuts. I just trimmed her fingernails yesterday, but I felt them again to make sure I didn’t miss a dagger. Then it dawned on my that she had been chewing on her hand all day. So I ran my disinfected finger over her gums and felt the little sharp edges of her…TEETH. Oh yeah…at least 2 teeth are trying to poke through. This child is eating like a champ, sleeping well, not fussy, no fever, nothing. Seriously, what did we do to deserve this baby…she is an ANGEL. I guess I’m not up for mother of the year…maybe I should buy her a TEETHING ring so she doesn’t have to chew OFF her fingers.


Attack of the pink pig!

Wow this is an AAP nightmare. A bumper AND stuffed animals in her bed. Well, she is big enough to move around now…I promise her crib was empty until a few days ago. She just recently became interested in her stuffed animals. Since she is such a sweet baby and is often awake and quiet in her bed before I realize it, I decided she could have something to play with. The Pig STARTED in the corner of her crib and I woke up to Sophie talking in her bed. When I looked on the video monitor, Sophie and the Pig were wrestling, by the time I got upstairs the pig was to her side and she was laughing. Tonight I put her down and went back in to get a bottle I left in there and she was sound asleep sucking her thumb and she had pulled the pig right next to her head. You will notice they are nose to nose! She didn’t even wake up when I snapped the picture. I have a feeling this piggy is going to be a favorite! It was a gift from the Poteets when Sophie had her surgery. Thanks Poteets…she LOVES it.

Sweet Potatoes

Sophie is officially eating solid food and LOVING it. However, it is quite challenging to feed a thumb sucker. She pauses to suck her thumb after almost every bite and if you hold her left hand, she resorts to sucking her right thumb. Needless to say I’m good friends with the stain remover…The picture on the right is Sophie taking a quick nap during lunch. She woke up and picked right up where she left off. I’m having mixed emotions about taking her out of her little carseat carrier and using the restaurant high chairs…the girl needs a pillow!

Saturday, January 12, 2008

6 months old...ALREADY???

I am depressed. Sophie is 6 months old already. She is so much fun I just want to freeze her right here. However, my pediatrician assures me that I will say this at almost every age (I think she is leaving out ages 12-17 or so). I think every household should have a 6 month old. Especially one like Sophie (too bad there is only ONE Sophie, I’ll guess you will just have to come visit her here). She is 17 lbs and is starting to eat baby food and cereal. Where has the time gone??? Here she is voicing her opinion of Hilary’s win in New Hampshire. She’d like to make it clear what side of that issue she (or at least her mommy) is on. In case you can’t tell…or you are wondering what I am talking about I am not referring to the fact that Sophie is happy…I am referring to the ELEPHANT on her outfit. She has a matching onesie and a sleeper that is one size bigger so we can be sure Young Republicans saves her a spot.



My Aunt Polly gave Sophie this lamb and she LOVES it. It was tucked in that spot on the wall and she pulled it out herself. My Grandma Pegg’s maiden name was Lamb, so I love lambs because they make me think of her…and miss her. Here is Sophie playing with her lamb.

Thursday, January 10, 2008