Thursday, January 17, 2008

Attack of the pink pig!

Wow this is an AAP nightmare. A bumper AND stuffed animals in her bed. Well, she is big enough to move around now…I promise her crib was empty until a few days ago. She just recently became interested in her stuffed animals. Since she is such a sweet baby and is often awake and quiet in her bed before I realize it, I decided she could have something to play with. The Pig STARTED in the corner of her crib and I woke up to Sophie talking in her bed. When I looked on the video monitor, Sophie and the Pig were wrestling, by the time I got upstairs the pig was to her side and she was laughing. Tonight I put her down and went back in to get a bottle I left in there and she was sound asleep sucking her thumb and she had pulled the pig right next to her head. You will notice they are nose to nose! She didn’t even wake up when I snapped the picture. I have a feeling this piggy is going to be a favorite! It was a gift from the Poteets when Sophie had her surgery. Thanks Poteets…she LOVES it.

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