Monday, March 9, 2009

Bad Hair Gone Worse...

I love a good bad hair day…this was after the self applied yogurt mask and before bath time.

Another Brilliant Plan (By Katie)

Sophie is 20 months old.

She should be able to use a spoon.

In order to determine whether or not she can, we probably need to let her try.

So I did…

Here is what happened. The spoon went into her left hand. Her right hand went straight into the yogurt and then into her mouth. The spoon occasionally went into her mouth, but not always with yogurt on board.

Verdict = Not quite clear on the concept

BUT she sure had a great time! Sorry for the large number of pics…they are all my favorite!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Baby CPR

Look at her proper hand placement (well, in the 1st picture at least)! Her daily CPR training is really paying off!
CIMG0087 CIMG0088

She's got skills...

Oh yeah, Sophie is getting some skills…serious skills. She can now exit the car without assistance. Sadly enough this is the only time she ever attempted so who knows how long she could have done it if she just tried! Now, if she could just get the car to move forward (instead of all reverse all the time) she would really be in business.
CIMG0083 CIMG0086

Sophie's new boyfriend...

The Hamilton’s have a watchdog and a puppy in their living room…Sophie LOVES them. I cannot tell you how many kisses this dog statue got in one night! I’m pretty sure she loves him because he doesn’t lick back (like Zoe) or try to claw her (like Tigger). It’s much more rewarding when your affections are not thwarted! If you are wondering why Sophie isn’t wearing pants, no she isn’t going for the redneck baby of the year look…she had a little too much water and not quite enough diaper changes.

My favorite picture...from this week

I think she looks slightly diabolical…but I LOVE this picture! She was having so much fun playing on the couch at the Hamilton’s.

Wrestlemania 2009

We went over to the Hamilton’s for dinner and Sophie and David played together all night long! At one point we had the toddler version of wrestlemania on the couch. David was very gentle…Sophie on the other hand went all out. However, I’m not sure if her goal was just to play with his hair, point out his facial features (she’s just learning eyes, nose, mouth), or if she was actually trying to pin him down. Either way Dave’s best defense was the fetal position!