Monday, August 27, 2012

Where to Begin?

I am so far behind I am not even sure where to begin. I think I will post this and then I will go back and try to post in the past. First I will start with funny Sophie stories...

Made like a cake-July 12, 2012
Sophie was sitting at the kitchen table one day and we had the following conversation.
S: Mommy, I wanna talk to God
K: That's great sweetie, I know he would love to hear from you.
S: God, hi, I'm Sophie, I'm 5.
K: God knows how old you are Bean, he made you.
S: Made me? Like a cake?
K: Exactly, only he made you with extra frosting

I mean COME ON...does it get any sweeter than that?

Cry Daddy-July 23, 2012
Adam was getting ready to leave on a trip and we went out for lunch. While we were sitting at the table this is what went down.
Adam: Sophie, I miss you already, I love you so much
Sophie: Mommy, make daddy stop talking.
Katie: Sophie, that's not very nice...daddy is telling you how much he loves you.
Adam: Yeah Sophie, that hurts my feelings.
Sophie: (pointing to Adam) Cry.

That child is hardcore and I cannot imagine where she gets it.

Snack Addiction-July 31, 2012
Sophie has a serious issue with snacking. Adam is almost famous for his stash of snacks and his history of cornering the market on cheez its. Sophie has inherited this trait and constantly asks for snacks. She may have just finished a meal that she actually ate...and she'll ask for a snack. If anyone wonders why I'm losing my mind...this is what happens multiple times a day.
Sophie: Mama, I want a snack.
Katie: No sweetie, we are going to have lunch.
Sophie: I not hungry.
Katie: That sounds about right.

The good news is that she loves healthy snacks, otherwise I'd be more worried.

Cussing-August 11, 2012
Sophie: (playing angry birds in the backseat). Da&^ it.
Katie: SOPHIE...what did you just say?
Sophie: Da&^ it, da&^ it, da&^ it.
Katie: Sophie, that is not a nice thing to say...(giggle giggle). You can't say that.

This isn't the first time she's said it. The first time we were at a hotel while our floors were being finished and Sophie dropped her ice cream cone and said "Da&^ it, da&^ it, da&^ it, mommy...da&^ it". What's interesting is that this really isn't my word of choice. I'm still trying to figure out where she heard it...and trying not to laugh when she uses it appropriately.

Take a Nap-August 24, 2012
Sophie has a babydoll named Molly that asks for food and juice. We let her pick out a present before she had her surgery and Molly was what she wanted. She is a BabyAlive, but one that eats fake food and requires no cleanup. The sweetest part is that there were dolls that looked just like her with blond hair and blue eyes and there were little black baby ones with brown eyes. She picked out the black one. I, personally, love it. As most people know, I've always had a heart for adoption and have really been considering international adoption. I'm still in the joking about it phase, but who knows where we will be lead. In the meantime, I love that Sophie picked a babydoll of a different race...who knows, maybe someday she will have a baby sister who looks just like her. However, Molly is a bit annoying....she asks for food A LOT. Sounds like another little girl I know. We were sitting on the back porch the other day and Sophie was feeding Molly. Molly said "more please." Sophie fed her more and Molly said "I'm thirsty", Sophie gave her juice and more food. Then Molly said "thirsty, juice please." Sophie ignored her and Molly said "I'm hungry mommy," Sophie said "Hey, I have an idea! Molly, you take a nap!" All I could do is welcome Sophie to motherhood! The funniest part is when she she says "I have an idea!", she puts her finger up in the air like it just came to her. I'm trying to catch it on luck yet.

There are so many more stories...and so many more pictures to post...I guess I better start working on it! Stay tuned!