Thursday, July 16, 2009

First day of "school"

Since Adam has been “working from home” on the days I work, Sophie has very little interaction with other children (other than the gym and church nurseries). We decided it was time to put her in something a little more formal. One of the girls I work with gave us the name of an in home pre-school that both her boys attended and we decided to give it a try one day a week. Other than some trauma related to sleeping on a mat at naptime.I think she enjoys it. Ms. Debbie said that Sophie sleeps much better if she sits with her. Yes, the only 1 1/2 hours of peace Ms. Debbie gets during the day are spent sitting with Sophie, the sign of someone truly meant to be teaching pre-school! I’m really hoping it will help her with her speech, she barely says any recognizable words.though she can talk your ear off in jibberish. Here she is with her bag packed on her first day of school.
CIMG0203 CIMG0205CIMG0206
This is what I imagine she looked like when she found out she had to sleep on a mat at naptime.the princess and the pea!

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