Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween 2011 - Jessie and Rapunzel Style

Well, it's official. Sophie fully understands that on Halloween you get to knock on neighbors' doors and they will give you candy. Now we just need to convince her that this doesn't work every day, only on Halloween. Sophie was Rapunzel this year and she was the perfect Rapunzel. So beautiful! Only two people asked me if Sophie had extensions in her hair. Nope...she is just blessed with gorgeous hair!

The very first house she went to she said "trick or treat" and when they gave her some candy she looked in her bag and very seriously said "I want more." I quickly apologized and shooed her on her way. She finally figured out that she had to go to more than one house to fill up her bag and after each house she said "I wanna go different house." She had so much fun!

Prior to Halloween I told Adam that I was going to have Sophie carry a frying pan with her. He said "won't that be heavy?". Really? The plastic one...from her play kitchen? No, I think she's good. What the heck? In his defense not many people understood why she was carrying a frying pan. Apparently I have a bizarre sense of humor, who knew? I'm so misunderstood.

Jessie and Rapunzel at Pumpkin Fest

I just like this one because it looks like Jessie is stealing a pumpkin

I mean COME ON...she's ridiculously cute

Yes, she is carrying a frying pan...not many people got I just have a really strange sense of humor?
"Daddy, I wanna different house"

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