Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Funny Thoughts

Okay, I had a really funny experience tonight and it made me start to think...what are the weird things your parents said or did that you now look back on and realize were quite strange? What? Is is only me and my parents? Oh well...for your entertainment purposes then...

The other day we took Sophie to Five Guys for a hot dog and fries. Quite honestly, the best hamburgers in the Franklin area at least. As I was getting Sophie out of the car we had the following conversation...
Me: "Sophie, do you want to have ketchup with your fries?"
Sophie: "Nope"
Me: "What are you? A communist?"
Sophie: "No mommy, I'm a princess"

Well this cracked me up so of course I made it my facebook status. One of my cousins (who shall remain nameless to protect the innocent) sent me a message and asked me if my mom used to say "are you a communist?" all the time. Apparently it runs in the family...her mom said it too. That made me start to think about some things my parents said that are actually quite funny now that I'm an adult.

Here are some excerpts from my childhood...

Whenever a beer truck drove by us on the interstate my mom would yell "hijack that truck"

Whenever we passed a police officer she would say "Katie, what are pennies made of?" and I would yell "dirty copper" and it took YEARS for me to figure out what this even meant.

If we were driving in Northern Michigan and there was any sort of camoflage convoy my mom would say "oh man, I guess we are invading Canada again." I never understood why we were always at war with Canada.

If ever we don't like something or don't want to do something that is supposed to be good and/or fun she will ask if we are communists.

Now...before you blame my mother for all my sister was no slacker in this department either...she made me believe all sorts of things that were not true. I believed I was adopted for YEARS and was just waiting for my parents to confess to me. She also told me that if you left your bright lights on you LITERALLY blinded the other drivers. The "do not pass" signs on the road...she told me you were not supposed to pass the actual sign (as opposed to other cars)...but that it was just a rule you broke.

I could go on...but I won't. I'm probably already in trouble. But what made me think of this is the fact that I did something strange tonight with Sophie as a witness and it made me wonder when she gets older...what will she look back on and remember? Will she remember all the nights I read books to her before she went to bed? Will she remember me baking cookies and letting her have one while they are still warm? Will she remember riding on the boat and the golf cart? Or...will she remember episodes like this?

Tonight I had the sudden urge to cut down our tomato plants that were taking over the back garden and had been through one hard frost too many. That sounds fine right? Well, let me add that it was already dark out...and raining. So there I am hacking away at this gargantuan plant with a pair of scissors and I hear sweet Sophie say "mommy, what are you doing?" I told her and the next thing I know she is running around the back patio in her socks splashing in the puddles. In my defense I've been wanting to cut the plants down for quite awhile and really wanted to do it before a garbage day so they didn't stink up the trash can...but I kept putting it off. Then when the urge hit me, I went with it. I'm SURE she will remember this. Hopefully she will also remember that I was using scissors and that I wasn't angry at the time...we can only hope!

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  1. those moments are what i love and remember most of my parents & grandparents because looking back at those things are so fun and great to laugh at :)