Friday, June 3, 2011

Hot Air Balloons

My sister finds out about the coolest things! She invited us to a VBS kick-off at a church near her neighborhood. Neither one of us goes to the church, and neither of the girls will be attending the VBS, but who's keeping track of all that anyway.

At this kick-off they had a bunch of hot air balloons tethered to the ground and they gave rides up! They also had bounce houses, hot dogs, pizza, music...all the good stuff. As we were pulling into the parking lot Sophie got very excited about the bounce castle. However, when it came time to actually enter the bounce house she was terrified. She did bounce a little bit at the end of the slide where the kids were trying to get off. She really could not have been more in the way, but oh well.

Wendy and Josie took a ride up in the Vanderbilt balloon. Sophie would have NOTHING to do with it (not that I'm surprised). I was a little bit leery myself, but if she was willing to go I would have...I swear. Anyway, even though we didn't get to go for a ride, it was still very pretty!

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