Monday, June 20, 2011

Ballet Recital

Sophie made her ballet debut on May 18, 2011...and she was amazing! When I dropped her off at the performance entrance she started crying. I had trouble finding the theater and was running late (which ALWAYS stresses me out) so I was rushing her and I think I stressed her out. I left her with her teacher and she was pretty much hysterical. I knew staying with her would mean there was NO way she would go on-stage, so like every great stage mom I left her.

Adam and I fully expected that she would either A) Refuse to go on stage or B) Get on stage, realize there were a ton of people watching, and either melt down or run off. We were wrong. She did great! She even created her own solo when all the other kiddos got confused. Any time I need a pick me up, I just watch this video. My favorite part is when she waves at the helper to stay off stage...hilarious.

Here is the video evidence...Sophie is the last one out of the train and is on the far stinking cute.

When we went to pick her up immediately after her performance she was crying again. However, she watched the rest of the recital in awe. We have the DVD of all the performances and she watches it at least daily. She even tries to copy the dances. I'm pretty sure she is a natural.

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  1. pretty sure that Sophie was the only one that knew what to do!! she was so cute!! and a wonderful dancer! :)