Friday, April 29, 2011


Adam strikes again...

Many of you know that Adam is the one who basically diagnosed Sophie with her Recto-Vaginal Fistula. Now...given he didn't know what it was called, but he did identify the problem. At first I thought he was just being dramatic, then I saw it for myself...

Well...he did it again. For a while now Sophie has been rolling her eyes when she is eating, or when she is acting coy. Adam began to believe that these might be something to worry about. Every time I saw one she was either eating or she was acting coy because I told her she was pretty or something. While we were in Kingsport for Easter I saw exactly what he was talking about. He looked it up on the internet and found something called "Absence Seizures" described Sophie's spells perfectly.

I called our pediatrician when we got home and made an appointment. Adam managed to catch one of the spells on video and our pediatrician agreed that it was a seizure. Next step an EEG.

I'm pretty tough. When it comes to necessary medical procedures I can handle just about anything you throw my way, even if it is for my child. However, I have to say that this EEG was BY FAR the worse medical experience of Sophie's life. It had nothing to do with the staff, they were patient and wonderful. The problem was trying to explain what was happening to a sleep deprived toddler with significant doctor anxiety. It was not pretty. I have never seen her like that. She was screaming and grabbing at us. Long story was absolutely horrible. I'm almost positive she thought they were trying to kill her. The terror on her face is not something I will soon forget. She was fine by the end, but I'm dreading ever going through this again...

The diagnosis: Idiopathic generalized pediatric epilepsy. Apparently it is genetic (autosomal dominant for you gene nerds out there). The neurologist told us that one of us had this as a child...I'm sure it was Adam!!! Just kidding. We assured him that neither of us had seizures and he rephrased it saying that one of us would have had an abnormal EEG at Sophie's age. Wow...who knew. The hope is that she will outgrow this by age 8-12. I guess that is one reason to look forward to adolescence???

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