Monday, November 15, 2010

Magical Mini Carts

When Sophie was a baby I didn't mind taking her to the store with me at all. She was so good! Then...she turned 2 and taking her to the grocery store became a nightmare. She would not sit in the cart, she would not stay anywhere near me if she was let loose. I spent most of the time chasing her down. I dreaded going to the store with her. THEN...we discovered the mini grocery carts at a nearby Kroger.

Our neighborhood Publix does not have these magical mini carts so we did not realize that the solution to our problem was so simple. Adam stole a cart from a little girl leaving the store and gave it to Sophie. She was thrilled. She immediately started pushing it and ran directly into a display, once we realized her limitations our problems were solved. I now do not even attempt to take her into the store without her cart. She MUST have something in it while we are shopping and when we are walking out to the car. She is particularly interested in cooking oil and Lucky Charms. She uses the baby seat to hold her free cookie which she snacks on throughout the store. Now shopping is just plain's the cutest thing!

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