Monday, December 15, 2008

So Far Behind

I am so far behind on my blog postings! I’m not even sure where I left off. But a good place to start is with some pictures of some really good bed head. In the first picture she was trying to hide it. I walked into her room and she was standing up with the best case of bed head I’ve seen in a while. I immediately started laughing and ran for the camera. When I came back in she was curled up in the corner…I think she knew what I was after!
CIMG3012 CIMG3014
Once I took these pictures I noticed a curious thing…all of her prized bed time possessions had somehow been evicted from the crib and were all on the floor. Sometimes I wonder if she got any of my genes at all (well besides her love of Mexican food). You THREW your FAVORITE babies ON THE FLOOR. Isn’t that some kind of stuffed animal assault. When I was little it was more likely that my animals would stay in the bed and I would sleep on the floor. Even now I have to put her baby doll in her cradle before I can go to bed, it truly makes me sad to see her on the floor, cold and alone. I think maybe they make medication for this. I’m simply not right, but at least I’m honest!

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