Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Christmas 2008 Hart-Reinbold-Huskins Style

For those of you who know me and my sister well, you will find our selection of gifts for our nieces quite fitting! I am pretty girly. If you haven’t read my baby doll post, you probably should to fully understand. My sister, on the other hand, not so girly. She is more into sports toys, etc. The good thing is that when it comes to gift giving, we can balance each other pretty well. Sophie got a PINK big wheel and helmet (along with an adorable polka dot raincoat, a movie, and a hilarious book). We gave Josie a baby doll set just like Sophie’s (yes I’m obsessed with it) and a magic tea set. I will laugh really hard if Sophie ends up being the tom-boy and Josie is the little girly girl! I just want to make sure Josie gets to play with girl toys and Wendy wants to make sure I don’t turn Sophie into a REAL princess! Before I get myself in trouble, Wendy will let her play with whatever she wants, she just tends to lean towards the less girly of the girl toys while I am all about some pink and some baby dolls! But I did buy Sophie some trucks for her stocking this year, of course she is far more interested in her pink laptop!

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