Friday, October 31, 2008


We had a very happy and hilarious Halloween! We are so grateful for the wonderful neighborhood we live in, everyone is so much fun and it is so nice to have such great friends! The night started with pizza, hot dogs, brats, etc and lots of pictures at our neighbor’s house (with a professional photographer…no I’m not kidding…is that great or what?). Then we went on a hay ride through the neighborhood! Wendy and Josie were able to join us as well (Jason was coaching a game…BOO)! Since Sophie is too little for candy, and Lord knows I don’t need it, we just rode on the trailer and Sophie ate hay instead! I wasn’t sure how Sophie would do just riding on the hay ride, but she LOVED it. She and Josie laughed and played in the hay the whole time. I think as Sophie gets older I will simply buy her the candy she likes and instead of getting on and off the hay ride 50 times to trick or treat, we can just ride around. That’s the way to do it! After the hay ride, Sophie went over to Aunt Wendy’s and Adam and I went to a party with all our neighbors. We laughed until we were almost sick, LITERALLY. I’m still laughing! I’ll post some more pictures later…but here are a few that Aunt Wendy sent to us. She is WAY more on the ball than I am, I haven’t even downloaded ours yet!! I can’t wait to see the professional pictures as well!

Yes, this is Adam’s costume…high school jock! HAHAHA…it was my idea, he still holds the PAT record at Sullivan South High School! At least I hope he does since I keep telling everyone that!
DSCN2589 DSCN2586
Late at night in Williamson County…the McCain Palin fairies come out

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