Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Sophie is FOUR years OLD!!!

I don't even know where to start this posting...I cannot believe my baby is FOUR years old! I thought I would be so sad to see her grow up and in some ways I am. But really I cannot describe the joy it brings me to watch her discover new things. take on new challenges, and grow up into a beautiful little girl. Sometimes I look at her and wonder what I did right to deserve such a wonderful child. Other times I look at her and feel like I have known her all my life.

When I was pregnant with Sophie I often wondered what kind of person she would be. Would she be sassy like her mommy? Would she be laid-back like her daddy? Would she be funny, silly, or serious? Would she be adventurous or timid? Shy or outgoing? A perfectionist or laid-back? As I watch her grow up I find it so fascinating to watch her personality develop. She is such an interesting little person and I can't wait to see who she becomes.

Now that she is a BIG girl we have made major strides. At the beginning of the summer Sophie was still my timid, cautious, nervous child. In the beginning of the summer she chanted "no big pool mommy, no big pool" the entire way to the pool. Just a short month later she is jumping in without holding my hands and without floaties (I'm very opposed to floaties, but that's another story for another day). When she goes under the water she comes up laughing. Who is this child? I'm amazed by her every day. She has had a tough four years. She's been through more medical issues than I have in my entire 36 years. She is brave.

Here are my favorite things about Sophie at FOUR years old.
1. She loves to dance. She reguarly (as in almost every day) wants to watch her dance recital DVD and does an amazing job of imitating the dances. It is extremely entertaining, especially the hip hop.
2. She still loves her doggies. However, she has allowed a slightly different type of doggy into the rotation. Thank GOD. This one I can still get without having to buy it on ebay for $40. We now have 6.
3. She loves the swings and the circle slide.
4. She truly believes that she IS Rapunzel. Whenever the movie is playing she will say "that's me mommy, that's me"
5. During the braiding scene on Tangled she always asks for a braid.
6. While her speech is improving, I still love some of her pronouciations. Please=Peas, Thank You=gank you, Caroline=carwowine, Yogurt=gogurt, Ballerina=bawareena...but sometimes sounds suspiciously like bananarama.
7. She loves to read books, but is usually jumping on the bed while you are trying to read to her.
8. She still loves her bubbles.
9. Her favorite shows are Sesame Street, Caillou, Angelina Ballerina, and Swamp People. Yes, you read that correctly, Swamp People. She calls it the "grrs" and NO I did not allow her to watch it the first time.
10. She loves her cousin Josie the best.

Since daddy was out of town we just had a small birthday celebration at Nana and Pap-Pap's and on her actual birthday we went to see Cars 2 with Wendy, Josie, Jason, Michelle, and David. Then we had pizza at Mineos. She had so much fun!

My sister got her the entire princess set of Barbies. Sophie actually screamed when she opened it. She was so excited I could not get them out of the package fast enough. She also got Pretty Pretty Princess, the game. She isn't quite clear on how to play it yet, but she sure does love the crown! Then..the icing on the cake...Colleen, Michael, and Lucy got her a Tinkerbell doll. She is in Barbie heaven (a place I never visited as a kid). She LOVES them. She also got a complete dress up set with a crown, necklace, earrings, and a ring from Blake, Michelle and David. I have a picture of my lunch with the queen, but my phone is acting up so I will have to post it once Adam figures out what's wrong with it. Let's just say that I was extremely underdressed for the occasion.

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  1. can't believe sophie is 4!! hope she had a wonderful birthday and that y'all are having a great summer!!!!