Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Wife of the MILENNIUM

Sophie's neurologist felt that she needed to have an MRI to rule out any known cause of her seizures. Vanderbilt scheduled her MRI for 3:00 in the afternoon. Sophie was not allowed to have anything to eat after 6:00, and nothing to drink after 12:00. Whoever made these rules and appointments clearly has never had to try to keep a young child NPO.

The night before her MRI, Adam got an invitation to go golfing at The Governor's Club in Brentwood, a very exclusive (translation: expensive) golf course for the day OF her MRI. Adam was smart enough to tell his buddy he needed to check with me, but the first words out of his mouth were...."it's not every day you get an offer to golf there..." So...I let him go. In retrospect, it's not everyday that your child has an MRI either...but who's counting?

What this meant is that I had to entertain Sophie without allowing her to eat...all by myself while Adam went golfing. Then I had to take her to Vanderbilt and sit in the waiting room with her screaming...all by myself. Adam had to leave his golf game on hole #15 so he didn't miss the MRI...that's a shame (actually it was EXPENSIVE).

Anyway, Sophie and I spent the morning at the pool. She did manage to find a rogue 1/2 full package of fruit snacks that she inhaled after 6:00...but other than that I did a pretty good job!

Here she is at the pool...

They pretty much met us at the door with Versed and they let her color on the sheets! THANK GOD for Children's Hospitals! Sophie did great and her MRI was basically normal with the exception of a massive sinus infection! Poor baby!

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