Saturday, January 15, 2011

Sophie do it...

We have officially entered the "I do it" phase. It might just be the end of me. When getting into the car she wants to climb in by takes FOREVER. She wants to dress takes FOREVER. One day when my sister was over Sophie was trying to put on clean panties. She put both legs in the same hole and pulled them up as high as she could. She realized it wasn't right and took them off. She managed to get legs in different holes, but then when she pulled them up she looked down and said "no Elmo". She knew enough to know that Elmo (or Dora, or the "queens") were supposed to be in the front. She tried again. FINALLY she let me help her, but this was about a 20 minute process. My sister poured me a glass of wine during this process.

Another time she went into the potty by herself. A few minutes later I looked over and her bare butt was hanging out under her shirt. I went on a panty search. I looked EVERYWHERE. I looked in the trash, in the laundry basket, under the couch, in her kitchen, in her bag...everywhere. I could not find them. I was seriously concerned she flushed them down the toilet. About an hour later she went back into the potty...and her panties were around her ankles...both legs in the same hole. The poor thing put both her legs in the same leg hole and pulled her panties up so high that I couldn't even see them. So, panties found. Lesson learned.

Here are some of Sophie's self styled outfits...this part I do love. You just never know what she is going to let you put on her, or what she will add to her outfit during nap time. I always told Adam I would encourage this self expression in my child and I am standing by that.

Add tutu during the night

Insisted on her cowgirl boots

A common choice...Cinderella over top of her PJs

Love that hat

PJ top, tutu inside out, rain boots on wrong feet

Grand-mommy's hat
In full effect
Had to wear her "moo"

I made her put on pants...minnie mouse PJs...backwards.

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