Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween 2010

Typically my sister and I like to dress the girls up in "pair" costumes. Tulip fairy and Strawberry fairy, Dr. Huskins and her X-Ray, etc. This year they had their own opinions. Josie LOVES Minnie Mouse and Sophie LOVES....Chick Fil A.

Adam and Sophie regularly visit Chick Fil A, especially on Tuesdays when I am at work. I am not a big fan of Chick Fil A, so it is their daddy/daughter date spot. Tuesday night is "Kids Eat Free" which also involves free ice cream, an 8 foot cow, and a balloon animal guy. For those of you who know Sophie well, you can imagine the reaction she typically has to the 8 foot cow.

Adam should be the one telling the story, but alas, I'm all you have right now. The first experience with the 8 foot cow started when Sophie spotted him from the doorway and refused to move. Adam finally got her into the restaurant and she kept at least one eye ball on that cow ALMOST the entire time they were there. At some point she lost track of the cow and he snuck up on her and tapped her on the shoulder. Adam said she literally crawled OVER the table to get to him, and to get away from that cow. I received a picture of said cow that night with this caption "who doesn't think an 8 foot cow would freak out a toddler?" and I laughed...especially our toddler.

Since then the cow has learned to stay a safe distance from our sweet Sophie. However, Sophie secretly has a crush on the cow and talks about him ALL the time. She calls Chick Fil A "chicky moo" and asks for it at least daily. I guess she's just playing hard to get. The balloon animal man is still up for grabs...she likes the balloon animals, just not the man.

Anyway, knowing that Josie was going to be Minnie Mouse, I asked Sophie multiple times what she wanted to be for Halloween. Every single time I asked her she said "moo". Finally I gave up with my suggestions for something to go with Josie and went with Sophie's preference. I found her a used cow costume for $8 at a consignement shop and Adam made her official Chick Fil A signs. Sophie slept with her cow costume for many nights and still requests to wear it on occasion. I also found her some light up cow slippers. It will go down in history as one of my favorite Halloweeen costumes ever. And for the first time EVER she actually trick or treated. Josie refused to let us walk up to the door with her. She's three. Really? Man time flies.

The other best part of the night was the adult dressed up as "dead Minnie Mouse" who allowed us to take her picture with Josie. Sick and wrong...but funny.

Friday, October 29, 2010


Sophie can finally say her name...sort of

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

New Trick

Adam "claims" that Sophie is trying to give up her afternoon nap. I "claim" that Adam is enjoying Sophie's new ability to sleep in his lap. You be the judge...

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Halloween Party

SMs. Debbie had a Halloween party for the kids and they got to dress up all day. Sophie was a firefighter...all day. She wore at least the hat (usually backwards) all day long!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Lucky Ladd Farm

This year we took the girls to Lucky Ladd Farm instead of Gentry's Farm. Lucky Ladd, for those who haven't been, is Gentry's Farm on steroids. It was awesome. They had all kinds of animals that the girls could feed, a rooster wandering around (particularly important to Sophie), a huge slide, a corn box (a sandbox filled with corn), a hayride, etc, etc, etc. We had so much fun and can't wait to come back!

Watching the "hop hops"

Feeding the goats

Josie and Sophie

Divas cute is she?
Daddy and Sophie on the big slide
Daddy practicing his lassoing
Wendy and Josie on the big slide

The "corn" box

Sunday, October 17, 2010

New Blog

When Sophie was born Adam and I tried to start a web page with a blog to keep everyone who is not a facebooker updated on her life. Well, as in typical Adam Huskins fashion, that blog is way too advanced for me (and I'm a computer person). So...I am taking it upon myself to start another blog that is a) free and b) user friendly. So WELCOME to our new blog!

At this point Sophie is 3 years old. She is absolutely beautiful and totally photogenic (I have NO idea where she got that from, certainly not me). She is getting fiestier with her older age and her ability to voice her wants/needs/desires/complaints/etc. It just warms my heart to hear her sweet little voice. The other day she was sitting in my lap just chatting away when all of the sudden I hear free, foo, five, sics, sefen, eight and I realized that this sweet baby girl who had less than 10 words a year ago was counting BY HERSELF. She can say all of her letters, except for W (she just skips that one). And...drumroll please...she can say her name, or at least something that is recognizable as her name. Thank you GOD. I cannot tell you how nice it is to be able to communicate with my girl!

I will do my best to keep this updated. Who knows, I might even transfer all my previous posts to this blog so I have a record of those when I quit paying for the web page!

Saturday, October 16, 2010

The Daddy of a girl

It takes a special man to be the daddy of a girl. Not only was a blessed with one of these men for my father, I also married one. This picture is of Adam painting Sophie's fingernails, her "pinks" as she calls them.