Wednesday, January 28, 2009

New Haircut

Yes you read that correctly…we did it again. This time I did far less research and tried not to make a big deal out of it so I wouldn’t be disappointed. And, well…other than a screaming 18 month old, a rocket launcher filled with sparkles, and a star tattoo gone awry, it was a relatively uneventful experience. Sophie hated every minute of it. The stylist was MUCH nicer and the haircut is adorable…but it was still mildly painful. Note to self…if they ask you if you want sparkles, say no. Apparently in order to not have the aerosol can clog up every time they use it the glitter is propelled by jet fuel or something. If your child is already distressed, this does not help matters…at all. Apparently saying yes to sparkles also implies that you want the stylist to continue the trauma by chasing your child’s cheek with a sparkly tattoo. She looks great…but I think it will be awhile before we do this again! Here is the final product…the baby rattail is OFFICIALLY gone (it was still hanging around a little bit). Aunt Polly…do you make housecalls to Franklin, TN if we can give you about 6 months notice?

CIMG0056  CIMG0057CIMG0054

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