Friday, February 22, 2008

My first toothbrush!

Though I believe there is no point in brushing baby teeth since they are going to fall out anyway (per the wise words of Adam Sandler in Big Daddy…our primary parenting resource), I decided the pink “my first colgate” toothbrush was too cute to resist! At first Sophie was convinced this was a new form of baby torture I cooked up to follow the bulb syringe to her nose, but once she realized the toothpaste tasted like berries she was okay with it! I mean, who looks this cute brushing their teeth? It’s ridiculous!
 CIMG2330     CIMG2331CIMG2332 CIMG2333    

Baby Blues (in pink camo)


Every time I see a picture of Sophie, the song “My Angel is a Centerfold” pops into my head. Probably not good…but I’m specifically referring to the line about flashing her baby blues. I sing it to Sophie all the time. Maybe I should start saving up for her psychologist too! But look at her…man I want to wake her up and kiss her right now…in fact I think I will, she’s only a baby once!

Baby Destructo

This is how Adam found Sophie in her bed one morning, she was quite proud of herself! Please don’t notify the AAP…I think she is old enough for stuffed animals now.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

One step closer...

To driving…and NO I did not actually let her ride up front. I was trying to scare Adam but then I couldn’t get my phone to send him the picture.


Belly napping

Sophie was playing on her playmat waiting for us to get ready to go to the hospital. She rolled over and decided to take a quick cat nap on her tummy. She usually HATES to be on her belly so this is the first time she has ever fallen asleep that way.

Sophie's first Sudoku

We missed having my dad around the house, so Sophie tried to fill in just a little for us. Here she is in my dad’s chair with his lap desk working on her first Sudoku IN INK. My dad said that if she sits in his chair she has to use ink on the puzzles.


Visiting Pap-Pap

We just got back from spending the week in Knoxville with my parents. My dad got a brand new hip on Tuesday so Sophie and I spent the week keeping my mom company and cheering up Pap-pap. He is doing great and we are back at home. Here is Sophie trying out my dad’s hospital equipment. She loved the trapeze the best.


First teething bisquit

Since she has 2 teeth, we let her try a teething biscuit. She kept dropping it so her clothes had to be soaked for days, but she LOVED it.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Sophie's flowers

Here are some better pictures of Sophie. her bear, and her Valentine’s flowers. These are from an actual camera, not my phone, go figure! Zoe may look innocent in these pictures, but her true motivation for being in the chair is to check if the bear is interested in being her “special valentine”, if you know what I mean. The pet psychologist will have be on speed dial, once I find one.
 CIMG2317 CIMG2323

Valentine's Day!

Sophie got some roses and a teddy bear at my parent’s house from her daddy for Valentine’s Day.
Photo_021408_009 Photo_021408_011Photo_021408_003Photo_021408_002

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Daddy's Valentine

We had to celebrate Valentine’s Day with Daddy a little bit early since we were in Knoxville and Daddy was flying on the actual day. Just one of many holidays that will have to be rescheduled I’m sure!
CIMG2307 CIMG2309

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Goodnight Kisses

She is so sweet…I took her in to say goodnight to Adam and she just put her cheek right on his mouth for some goodnight kisses!
CIMG2285 CIMG2287

That crazy pig...

I’m telling you, she LOVES this pig. Both of these pictures I walked in her room to get her up and she was playing with the pig again.

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Ham for the cam...

She can’t resist ruining a good picture…but is this picture not hysterical? She looks like she is actually smiling for the camera. Hey, it’s her dad’s birthday too!

Happy birthday Daddy!

Here is Sophie all dressed up for Adam’s birthday party! She looked ADORABLE, although the bow did not last very long! 

Friday, February 1, 2008

Superbowl Sunday!

Here are pictures from Sophie’s first Superbowl Sunday. Just chillin with Daddy with a belly full of winter squash (Sophie, not Adam…Adam was full of chicken wings, pepperoni rolls, potato skins, and celery).